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  • Call for Applications for the AONSA Young Research Fellowship 2015
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    Call for Applications for the AONSA Young Research Fellowship 2015

    The AONSA Young Research Fellowship Program has been established in early 2014 to support highly talented young scientists in the Asia-Oceania region and help them to develop their expertise and career in neutron science and technology. The Program will provide financial support for Fellows to visit major neutron facilities in the region for collaborative research using neutrons.

    Any young scientist in the Asia-Oceania region within 8 years of the completion of his/her PhD and who wishes to perform neutron research at major neutron facilities in the region (but not in his/her home country) can apply by following the Rules as described below. The hosting Neutron Facilities in 2015 are J-PARC (Japan), OPAL at ANSTO (Australia), and HANARO at KAERI (Korea). A total of three Fellowship positions are available in this application round (one for each hosting Facility) and the possible duration of each Fellowship visit is 3 to 12 months. Please send your applications electronically to the AONSA Office ( byAugust 31, 2014. The results will be communicated to applicants in November 2014 and the Fellowship visits will start in 2015.

    An application should include:

    A standard application form (provided by AONSA) with all required information completed including a scientific plan for collaborative neutron research. (The application form can be downloaded from

    A curriculum vitae including a full list of publications.

    One recommendation letter from a supervisor at home institute.

    One letter of support from President of the home neutron society or a representative of home neutron community.

    For the more information about neutron scattering instruments available and possible opportunities at the Facilities, please contact the following persons.

    - J-PARC: Dr. Ryoichi Kajimoto, Email:

    - OPAL at ANSTO: Dr. Robert Robinson, Email:

    - HANARO at KAERI: Dr. Kye Hong Lee, Email:

    Selection Committee for the AONSA Young Research Fellowship 2015

    S.-M. Choi (Chair, KNBUA), J. G. Lin (TWNSS)

    D. McGillivrary (ANBUG), R. Mukhopadhyay (NSSI)

    K. Nakajima (JSNS), F. Wang (CNSS)


    T. 042 866 6115
    대전광역시 유성구 대덕대로 989번길 111
    한국원자력연구원 중성자과학부

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